Public Scholarship

La Nube Sin Apagón: On Puerto Rico’s Cloud” – Anthropology News
The Infinite Cloud is a Fantasy” – Wired Ideas
Inside the cloud’s digital fortresses” – README
People of the Cloud” – Aeon
Inside the Physical Footprint of the Cloud” – Popular Science


“The cloud’s heavy toll on natural resources” – Marketplace Tech, NPR
“The cost of data” – Tech Life, BBC News World Service
The expanding environmental footprint of our data in the cloud” – ABC News Sunday Extra
Our Digital Life Part 6: The Cloud” – In Over My Head 
Practitioner Profile: Steven Gonzalez” – Risk Know-How Framework
Communities in the Cloud” – MIT News

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Thermotemporalities, Thermomasculinities: Uptime, Downtime, & Server Heat in the Digital Anthropocene.New Media & Society, Special Issue: Infrastructures.
The Cloud Is Material: On the Environmental Impacts of Computation and Data Storage.MIT Case Studies in Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing, no. Winter 2022 (January).
Silicon Fox.” Anthropology and Humanism 45, no. 1 (2020): 130-138.

Keynote Lectures